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Welcome to Northwest Neurodiagnostics, Inc. (NNI), the largest licensed company providing surgical neuromonitoring services in the Pacific Northwest since 1994.  More hospitals use NNI than any other IONM provider in the Pacific Northwest. NNI is 100% locally owned with staff located throughout Oregon and Washington.  With over 130 years of cumulative IONM experience, we have gained a reputation for providing reliable and high quality intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM).

NNI is privileged to work side-by-side with more than 110 surgeons at 35 hospitals in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  We are honored to have been a part of the local medical community in the Pacific Northwest for the past 17 years.  Our long history assures every hospital, surgeon and patient of our sustainability in a rapidly evolving field.   We are a known entity with an established reputation.  The measure of our reliability speaks for itself; we have retained every client hospital since our inception in 1994 and have continued to grow steadily each year.

NNI’s mission is to maintain ethical business standards with hospitals and surgeons, provide outstanding healthcare for patients, and offer an excellent work environment for our staff.  Please contact us to find out why we have been the preferred IONM provider in the Pacific Northwest, from Seattle to Portland, since 1994 and how we can be of service to you. You can also submit a scheduling request to make an appointment for neuromonitoring services.

Qualities That Set Us Apart


Largest licensed company providing IONM in the Pacific NW
Locally owned and operated since 1994
Largest staff of board certified technologists in Pacific NW

Online, real-time professional oversight by licensed neurologists
Board certified, local technologists with up to 25 years experience
Monitoring for spine, brain, vascular & otolaryngology surgeries
Impeccable legal record with no history of malpractice


1st IONM company in WA to implement IONM protocol for lateral lumbar fusions
1st IONM company in WA to  provide transcranial MEP’s
1st IONM company in WA  to offer pedicle screw testing
1st IONM company in USA to license Neurostream – software for on-line oversight, records archival and file management
Collaborate with manufacturers to design & improve instrumentation for minimally invasive surgeries
ProNerve Acquires NNI of Issaquah, Washington
Broomfield, Colorado, February 27, 2012.  
ProNerve, LLC (ProNerve) of Broomfield, Colorado has acquired Northwest Neurodiagnostics Incorporated (NNI), of Seattle, Washington.  The acquisition establishes ProNerve as the leading provider of intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM) services in the Western United States.  NNI represents the premiere provider of IONM services in the PacificNorthwest and brings excellent clinical talent and a devout commitment to customer service, consistent with ProNerve’s core principles.  The combination, based on common business cultures, positions ProNerve to further its mission of delivering consistent, high quality and reliable IONM services to its network of valued customers.
Brent Ness, Chief Commercial Officer of ProNerve, commented, “Our acquisition of NNI represents a great start to 2012.  In addition to expanding our team of experienced and dedicated neuroscience health care professionals, we expect this acquisition will yield incremental capabilities that will enable us to better serve large healthcare systems in the region that are concerned with regulatory, supplychain and clinical quality variation.  We plan to continue to increase the number of our dedicated employees to meet the needs of hospital systems, surgeons and patients in the markets we serve.”
Shawn Anderson, President and CEO of NNI, commented, "Over the course of the past year, we were approached by several industry IONM companies. We chose to partner with ProNerve based on their obvious commitment to employee development and retention, their focus on customer service and their established commitment to clinical excellence.  We wanted our values to live on with whomever we partnered and we found that ProNerve shares those same values.  We expect our service capabilities to increase with the additional resources ProNerve will provide in the months and years to come."

About ProNerve LLC
ProNerve LLC is a provider of intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring services. The company offers a complete turnkey IONM service offering, as well as additional service capabilities in the neuroscience field. ProNerve operates in thirteen states with headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, and a dedicated professional reading center in Phoenix, Arizona.
About Northwest Neurodiagnostics Incorporated
NNI is the leading provider of intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring services in the Pacific Northwest. NNI has been in business for eighteen years and has extremely strong relationships with hospitals and surgeons throughout the markets it serves.  Since inception in 1994, NNI has never lost a hospital client, a testament to the quality of the company’s service offering and focus on the customer. NNI is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, with operations in four states.
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  Oldest IONM company
  in Pacific NW

    Licensed neurologists
  for oversight

    Board certified local

    Advanced IONM

    Short-notice availability

    24/7/365 scheduling

  Online electronic
  medical records


  malpractice insurance

    Impeccable legal record

    Flexible contract

    No minimum volume

    No history of contract

    No Stark Law risk




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